Documenting the Children Experiencing the Full Exhibit: what we know now

At a certain point in this process we had doubts about how audible the voice of the child was in the making of this exhibit. As a group we wondered how we could amplify their voices and ensure their fingerprints are on every piece of this exhibit. We had the idea of offering the fullContinue reading “Documenting the Children Experiencing the Full Exhibit: what we know now”

The Children’s Role in this Process

As we reflect on this journey of documentation, we realize how deeply influenced this process was by our piazza sessions with Tizianna Filippini. She inspired much thought about the complexity of relationships, of building community, of being ready to listen, and being ready to be surprised. Her words gave us courage, enough courage to documentContinue reading “The Children’s Role in this Process”

Virtual Meetings: Planning an Exhibit over Zoom

To get this project up and running we put in many hours of collaborative discussion. With one of our team members being out of the province for many weeks, and with our varied schedules during the day, most of our meetings took place virtually in the evenings. Over these meetings we decided what sound clipsContinue reading “Virtual Meetings: Planning an Exhibit over Zoom”