Sound Waves, Gia age 5

Welcome to The Gift of Togetherness, an exhibit which celebrates a wide range of relationships through the act of listening. We were inspired by how the reunion of children after being apart during the pandemic created an opportunity for documentation as an effort to make meaning, as guided by the children, of our changed world. It is a living exhibit which will be modified after encounters with the children, families, and the public.

We hope, in these moments of listening, you will hear sounds that evoke a variety of emotions as well as activating other senses, beyond our auditory capacities. We are celebrating the sounds of children, of families, of nature and living things, of imagination, of democracy, of community, of tension, of reunion, and of connection. We also hope to encourage dialogue about the sounds, heard and unheard, through the power of documentation.

This documentation will take you on a journey of carefully selected sounds, offered by the children, chosen by the educators, through a series of reflective and collaborative discussions. The sounds are arranged intentionally in order for listeners to follow, and will feature children from all age groupings within the Family Centre. It is presented, for the most part, in black and white to focus the listener singularly on the sounds that are being offered.

Listening is emotion, it is generated by and stimulates emotions, including curiosity, desire, doubt, interest … Listening as welcoming and being open to differences, recognizing the importance of the other’s point of view and interpretation … the construction of the educational project.

Carlina Rinaldi
Soundwave, Rory age 4

Educators are reflective practitioners who learn about children using various strategies. They listen, observe, document, and discuss with others, families in particular, to understand children as unique individuals. They observe and listen to learn how children make meaning through their experiences in the world around them.

How Does Learning Happen?

Conceived and Realized by

Andreane Werbouck Valade RECE, Alexa Imbesi RECE, Esther Seaman RECE, Kaitlin Harcombe RECE, Michelle Wolford RECE, Pooja Dubey RECE, Sequoia Sullivan RECE, Shelly Murdoch RECE, Taryn McSherry RECE, the children of the Family Centre