Listening, as an act, is a lot more powerful than one would think. You learn a lot more by observing than forcing. Listening certainly helps us be better parents, and helps our little one feel seen and empowered in her own home. It is a conscious and daily practice.

Dayna Hawkins
parent at the Family Centre
parent at the Family Centre

It is amazing, inspiring, educating, and most importantly, touching!

Ling & Joe
parents at the Family Centre
parent at the Family Centre

Huggy. That is the audio clip that moved me the most. We all need human connection.

Instead of having questions I am very inspired and will listen more…listen to what the kids are saying, listen and feel the nature and surroundings. It is inspiring.

Kwan Wu
parent at the Family Centre
parent at the Family Centre

In a world where we think we appreciate the impacts of a pandemic, your exhibit offered an old adage, yet a new perspective: out of the mouth of babes. (read more)

Juli Heney
member of the community

My heart broke for the little person who was so distraught and wanted his Mom and Dad. I found myself actually experiencing the longing he was experiencing.

The tour has really provoked a lot of thought for me, and it will continue to stay with me as I reflect on it. (read more)

Marion Felstead
member of the community

The exhibit evoked quite a few emotions, but most importantly it made us think. Sometimes we consider our children to be too young to understand things, we tend to give them less information than they seek. Often kids surprise us with their intuitiveness. It reminded us that children by nature have inquisitive minds, and it is our job to nurture them.

Harish & Sushma
parents at the Family Centre

Thank you for inspiring me to be a better listener and to appreciate the value of the simple things children do and feel every day. It was better than going to an art gallery. (read more)

Kelley Lapointe
Registered Early Childhood Educator

Why? For the rights of children, the rights of families, the rights of people, teachers, staff, and others who work beside children and families, to experience the best possible education experience every day of their lives. (read more)

Gretchen Reynolds
professor at Algonquin College

My emotions were a feeling of “this is a moment in time which mirrors loss and the unknown of experiences past. A feeling of life at a standstill for months and the slow resurgence of hope, laughter, and love.” (read more)

Joely Smith
member of the community

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