Kelley Lapointe’s reflections

I would just like to say how moved I was with your displays. They truly showed how connected your educators are with the children in your centre and how the simple things children do have so much meaning. And your documentation and interpretations were so child centred and beautifully presented. I especially liked the scribing you did with the children’s art work and the various quotes you added to your displays. I was so impressed and inspired. It made me proud to be an early childhood educator. 

 I experienced so many emotions reading the displays and listening to the clips. Because I am recently semi-retired after over 30 years of working as an ECE I was reminded of how much I miss being with children. The clips made me sad at times, happy, relieved, proud, joyful, and I could have spent so much more time at each exhibit analyzing the art work and the quotes from the children. It touched me deeply. 
Silence. I used to crave it after being in a noisy classroom every day but after viewing your exhibit I realized I miss it.  I haven’t really thought  about it too much but since the pandemic I have been filling the silence at home with music.  I had difficulty listening to the clip of silence and felt very sad for the children who have been away from their centres and schools during this pandemic. The sound of children playing and working is music to their ears.  I can understand their desire to be touching and near one another even more than usual. 

I am a people watcher by nature. I feel listening and observing are under rated skills. I am especially reminded of this when I observe children’s play and allow them to discover and explore on their own. So many valuable experiences can come out of it for both the educator and the child when we just listen and observe. Many people feel the need to direct children’s play but it is so much more valuable to just support them and extend when possible.  I loved the clip about the child who was crying and hearing her friends try to comfort her. The fact that the educator listened to the other children’s ideas and valued their help was so wonderful. Very inquiry based and respectful. Same with the frog and bunny scenarios. The documentation of the children’s interactions was so enriching. I could actually visualize it. 

Thank you for inspiring me to be a better listener and to appreciate the value of the simple things children do and feel every day. It was better than going to an art gallery.
I will always remember to listen to children running up a hill from now on. It made me smile.