Marion Felstead’s reflections

I have given a great deal of thought to the sounds and display tour. I’m not sure if I am answering the questions you are looking for, but here are my thoughts.

My overall reaction was how much joy  the sounds of children bring me, especially as I age. Just listening to the little voices and their interactions brings happy warm feelings. It also made me a little nostalgic for the days when parents stayed home with their children—not that i advocate necessarily a return to those days, but I do think that working parents miss so much by not being with their children for most of their waking hours.

My heart broke for the little person who was so distraught and wanted his Mom and Dad. I found myself actually feeling the longing he was experiencing.

The interactions of children with the chef and the housekeeper really brought home to me the fact that the daycare is really just another type of “family”.

 I’m impressed by the thought and analysis that went into this effort. The tour has really provoked a lot of thought for me, and it will continue to stay with me as I reflect on it. So thank you very much for the experience.

Marion  Felstead