Becoming A Group

What do you play with your friends?

I be the baby. Who be’s the mommy? Chloe! Elliott is the daddy. Alice is sister. Evelyn is brother. We family. We play.

Leah, age 3
Everyone is running. Alice, Chloe, Elliott, Leah, and Shanaya.
Lots of my Daddies, my Mommy, Pranshi and Ira, buggy, dinosaur, and giraffe too!
This is Mommy. She has two legs and two ears. She has long hair. That is her pony hair.
Mommy and Daddy birthday. Eating so many white ones.
Swimming pool. It’s all a swimming pool. Grass and those are water toys. Evie’s at the pool and me and my Mommy. We are splashing.

Alice has been coming home with lots of energy and positivity about her days at school – it’s been a noticeable shift after many weeks at home. She will share stories about her friends, what they did together, and will give us reports on who is at school and who is on vacation with family.

She has also been playing well at home, a little more patient and willing to compromise sometimes in how the game goes. I’m sure the influence of having peers again has contributed to this.

Sylvia, Alice’s mother.

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