What Together Sounds Likes

Mommy and Daddy having lunch. It sounds like this.

Mila chose yellow as her colour. She noticed the loud sounds from the audio and shrieked along with it. Her painting movements were fast, just like the children running in the background.

Duke listened thoughtfully to the sound. He chose his own colour of paint. “Just green, please.” he said. As he painted he continued to listen. “Running! They are loud.” he said, “So fast. I using my finger to paint. So fast!” I reflected with Duke by asking him if he remembers a time when he was running outside. He said, “Yes! I love running!”

Hannah and Clara picked their own colours. Hannah decided on yellow and Clara decided on blue. “Loud” said Hannah as she listened to the sound. Clara took pauses to listen, and would paint after a few moments of hearing the sound. I asked the girls if they remembered a time in which they were running and laughing. Clara said “Outside.”

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